Black Friday is Special

Some of you like to hit the stores and shop for bargains on Black Friday. You brave souls!

Black Friday is one of my family-session-marathon days every year and this year was no exception. I’m so glad I get to spend that day with families like this one!

 Love the orange leaves in the background…

Love the orange leaves in the background…

We started out early in the morning at one of my favorite locations, right in the heart of Henderson, Nv.

 <3 Such a cute smile!

<3 Such a cute smile!

The light became more beautiful with every passing minute and we captured some sweet moments.

Isn’t this location just dreamy?!?!

As a family, children’s, and couples photographer here in Las Vegas and Henderson, I am so blessed to spend time with people who enjoy being with each other, who love each other, and who laugh together.

Can you seriously think of a better job than that? Not me!

It’s not too late to get your family photos done for Christmas pictures. I have one more mini-session day scheduled. Call to get on the schedule, I have two openings left!

The desert delivers...


I said something recently and I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth.


“I could live here.”

Once I realized what I said, I quickly added, “If it weren’t for the 120’ and the snakes & scorpions.” But seriously… this scene makes my heart go ‘pitter-patter’.

I love bringing families out to my favorite desert location for a session. Everyone is awestruck by the beauty surrounding us and are surprised to know this is just a short drive from town. Aren’t the red rocks stunning?

The S family wanted a desert location for their family photography session and I know this one delivered the look they were going for.

 I’m loving the flannels and plaids!

I’m loving the flannels and plaids!

 What a great big brother!

What a great big brother!

 Mom &amp; Dad

Mom & Dad

This was such a fun session. I’m so glad I captured some authentic moments and expressions.

Wouldn’t you love an authentic desert location for your family photo session or your senior session? I photograph out here in the desert September through April.

I’d love to share it with you! Contact me today to book your session!


Fall Family Session

Us desert folks love Fall.

Fall means cooler weather, pumpkin spice, crunchy leaves, flannel sheets… all those lovely, cozy things. I love all these items, but I think I love the color of fall light the most. It makes for some dreamy photography.

Golden light, cooler air, and the location made for picture-perfect moments during this family session. Seriously, that light!

 That golden light at sunset…

That golden light at sunset…

 I’ve been this family’s photographer since baby #1 was born. I love seeing how they’ve grown over the year. Here’s a  link  to last year’s session, I feel like they’re teenagers now, lol!

I’ve been this family’s photographer since baby #1 was born. I love seeing how they’ve grown over the year. Here’s a link to last year’s session, I feel like they’re teenagers now, lol!

 Flannel, plaid, crunchy leaves, golden light, cool breeze. Oh.My.Heart.  The quintessential fall day.

Flannel, plaid, crunchy leaves, golden light, cool breeze. Oh.My.Heart.

The quintessential fall day.

 Quiet moments…

Quiet moments…

 Stolen moments…

Stolen moments…

Being someone’s family photographer is the best feeling ever <3<3

I love being a family photographer here in the desert. Who knew Las Vegas had so much to offer away from the Strip?

Have you scheduled your family session this fall?

I have one weekend day available through Christmas and just a few weekdays available. Hurry to book before it’s too late!

** I gift a 16 x 20 canvas to full-session clients! This offer is valid on sessions booked by 12/31/2018.

Summer adventures...

I know it's summertime and we should be off having summertime adventures. This summer, however, is going to be void of the great outdoor adventures at the beach or mountains. With the last two kids going off to college out of state in August (total will be 4 kids in college this fall) and a few other excuses, we'll be hanging around Las Vegas most of the summer, spending our money here, most likely at Walmart and Ikea, lol. 

Desertbloom Photography Beach

I'm spending my summer working - preparing for school portraits in the fall and spring, scheduling family and senior sessions for the fall,  creating photo albums for customers, and playing with FILM! Sounds exciting, right! 

School portraits? 

Desertbloom Photography offers Fine Art School Portraits to local schools and daycare centers! What is a Fine Art School Portrait? It's a modern, boutique twist to the traditional school portrait. My focus is strictly on the child, so the backgrounds are uncluttered. I engage with the child and capture authentic expressions. I offer parents multiple images in an online gallery, making their purchases sweet and simple. Parents love the authentic portraits and schools LOVE that I do ALL the work for them! Want to get your school on my calendar? Tell your school administration about our Fine Art School Photography!

Check out more images here

My Fall calendar is filling up with Family and Senior Sessions. I have a limited amount of these sessions this Fall so if you're wanting to book for Christmas photos, family reunions, Senior Sessions, now is the time to get on my calendar. 

*Desretbloom Photography Family and Senior Sessions come with a 16 x 20 canvas to hang on your wall!

See more photographs here

My clients get their digital images included in their session fee.  I strongly encourage them to print as well, for many reasons. See my last post here as to why. I gift my clients a 16 x 20 canvas with full sessions to ensure they have something printed. Another product often ordered by clients is a photo album.  The albums are created with love and care and contain all the images from the sessions. 

I love when clients get to view their albums for the first time! 

Desertbloom Photography Wedding Album


That's what I've been doing for work this summer. In my spare time, I've rediscovered film and am playing and challenging myself with it. I'm hoping to incorporate film into my family and senior sessions this fall! I absolutely love my digital cameras - they can never be replaced. But film..... oh my. The contrast and feel of film just can't be completely replicated in digital photography.  Let me know if you'd like to have a film session! 

These were taken with an old Nikon EF film camera we picked up a few years ago at Savers, a local thrift store. The lenses that came with it are... let's just say well-worn, but I was able to use them a bit. I finally got around to finishing the roll of film I put in in January 2016 (yikes!) and was thoroughly thrilled when I picked up my scans! And I can't wait for the USPS Mail Man to deliver my new film camera today! And my nice Nikkor lenses will fit smoothly on it!  Ssshhhh, though, no one knows I bought myself an early birthday present! 

I can't wait to hear what you're all doing on your summer vacation! Comment below and tell me about all your amazing adventures!


When is the best time of year to do Family Portraits?

When is the best time of year to do family portraits? 
That's a great question and I've got a great answer ... any season that captures how you spend time together as a family is the perfect time of year for you to have your photos taken!

Let's explore family portrait sessions during the four seasons and why each could be the best for you and your family. 

Spring is a lovely time of year. Bushes and trees that have lost their leaves begin to bloom again. The warm sunshine and fresh flowers rejuvenate and inspire us after a gray winter. Does your family like to spend time outside, maybe gardening or hiking together? If springtime brings you to your happy place - outside - then spring is the best time of year for your family portrait session. 


Summer.... oh the fun memories we make during summer. We like to play at the water parks, swim at the pool, boating at Lake Mead, camp at Mt. Charleston. Summer is a time to relax, rest, and regroup as a family. If summer is the season that brings your family together, then summer is the best time of year for your portrait session. Yes... even here in the desert! I'm game for early morning sessions at Lake Mead, sunset up on Mt. Charleston, and a few places in between. . 


Fall - who doesn't look forward to fall? The cooling temperatures, shorter days, flannel shirts and a pair of jeans, and a Pumpkin-Spice Latte - O be still my heart! With thoughts of harvesting from the garden and preparing for the long winter nights filling your heads.... this is a perfect time of year for family portraits! 

Winter in the desert means chilly mornings, bundling up with sweaters and a jacket, hot chocolate at the Lodge at Mt. Charleston after sledding in the snow,  and preparing for family get-togethers... another great time of year for family portraits! 

Desertbloom Las Vegas Family Photography (11 of 25).jpg

Which season accurately describes your family? Whichever you choose, that's the best time of year for your family portrait! 

I have lots of location in mind for each season here in the valley. If you and your family live outside of Las Vegas, I love to travel! 

Right now my Family and Senior Sessions come with a 16" x 20" canvas ($125 value) of an image of your choice from your session!  Hit the contact button to send me a note to book your family session for 2018!

Preschool Fine Art School Portraits

I needed a 'little-kid' fix really bad...  lucky for me I was set up to photograph some of the cutest preschoolers in Las Vegas! 

I love the modern twist on the traditional school portrait - capturing authentic expressions while creating a clean and classic portrait for moms & dads to hang on their walls for years. 

Young-Cheney Family - Las Vegas Family Photographer

 I was excited for our annual Family Session and couldn't wait to catch up on all the news with this sweet family!  One of the blessings of being a family photographer is watching the littles grow up before my eyes.  

We met by Pittman Wash in Henderson, Nv. on a beautiful fall morning. The sunlight streaming through the leaves provided the perfect scene...

I love Fine Art School Portraits!

I remember my kids'  'Picture Days.'  Oh... how I disliked 'Picture Day.' 

I love photos of my kids, but I would cringe when I saw the neon backgrounds or race car tracks around my child. I was not happy having to prepay for photos I didn't know I'd want to keep. And I know I'm not the only mom who felt or feels this way.

Enter Fine Art School Photography. 

Desertbloom School Photography (29 of 339).jpg

Fine Art School Photography offers a new, classic twist to a traditional portrait.  I am passionate about capturing a child's personality and providing the parents with a timeless portrait... one that hang on their wall for years. No more cheesy backgrounds, no forced smiles, just personality coming through! 

I recently had the opportunity to offer Back to School Portraits to my own Homeschool Group. Yes.. even homeschoolers want Back to School photos!

Seriously.. what cuteness and joy!

I photograph small schools, large schools, daycare centers, preschools, and homeschool groups. No group is too big or too small.  I offer the same products the 'big companies' offer, but with a personal touch.  

Here's some more from my most recent School Portrait session!

Wouldn't you love your child to have a school photo like one of these? It's easy to do. I would love to talk to your school or group about Fine Art School Photography!