Desertbloom travels to Seattle!

I was so excited to go see two of my boys recently! Not only because I hadn't seen them in ages, but because they both live in Washington - the state. I've never been there before. Van and Janet drove into the city to give us a whirlwind of a mini-tour!  

After landing in Seattle, I took my first Uber ride to the Ferry Terminal. I had my camera ready to take photos, but I had to give up 15 minutes into the ferry ride because the wind was sooo cold! 

I spent a few hours walking around Bainbridge while waiting for Sailor Boy to get off of work and come pick me up. Thankfully, Bainbridge has lots of little shops which kept me occupied. 

Friday morning I headed to downtown Paulsbo to walk the waterfront and main street of this quaint town. With my hot cup of fresh-brewed coffee in hand and camera slung over my shoulder, I set out on my adventure before the rain came! I walked for hours, took hundreds of photos, and explored several shops. It didn't start raining until I got back in the car to head back. 

We took the ferry over to Seattle on Saturday to meet up with Uncle Van & Aunt Janet for a wonderful lunch & walking tour to Pikes Place Mkt.  It was fun to see all the goodies and smell all the flowers and delicious pastries...  we ran into Jim A & his son James too! Jim is Dad to Mrs. Sailor Boy, also known as Sailor Girl! (She is currently out on deployment so keep her in your prayers!)

My final day in the PNW area was gorgeous! 

Frost on the grass and cars, fog everywhere else! It was simply beautiful. The skies opened up as I boarded my final ferry.  The Olympic range was shining in the sun and Mt. Rainier came out to say hello as well! Doubly-blessed! 

It was a great trip, but mostly because I was able to see my crazy boys. I love them and miss them so much! 

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