I love Fine Art School Portraits!

I remember my kids'  'Picture Days.'  Oh... how I disliked 'Picture Day.' 

I love photos of my kids, but I would cringe when I saw the neon backgrounds or race car tracks around my child. I was not happy having to prepay for photos I didn't know I'd want to keep. And I know I'm not the only mom who felt or feels this way.

Enter Fine Art School Photography. 

Desertbloom School Photography (29 of 339).jpg

Fine Art School Photography offers a new, classic twist to a traditional portrait.  I am passionate about capturing a child's personality and providing the parents with a timeless portrait... one that hang on their wall for years. No more cheesy backgrounds, no forced smiles, just personality coming through! 

I recently had the opportunity to offer Back to School Portraits to my own Homeschool Group. Yes.. even homeschoolers want Back to School photos!

Seriously.. what cuteness and joy!

I photograph small schools, large schools, daycare centers, preschools, and homeschool groups. No group is too big or too small.  I offer the same products the 'big companies' offer, but with a personal touch.  

Here's some more from my most recent School Portrait session!

Wouldn't you love your child to have a school photo like one of these? It's easy to do. I would love to talk to your school or group about Fine Art School Photography!