Oh, the mountains are calling, we must go for a photo shoot!

What do you do when it gets too hot in the desert? You head up to the mountains. 

Lydia joined me by Lee Canyon for a stylized session a while back. We packed up the car with clothes, snacks, water, and more clothes, ha ha,  and off we went! We started up by the Bristlecone Trail, where the cool breeze and beautiful dappled light made us think we had entered autumn a little early! 

It was like entering a different world, so far away from the desert 20 miles down the mountain...and we took advantage of it! 

This photo ^^^^^^ is probably my favorite from the day! We were having too much fun! Did I mention Lydia is also a photographer? She is comfortable on both sides of the camera, as I rarely had to lead her into a pose. 

We headed down towards the Upper Meadows and just found a bunch of aspen dreaminess along the way! 

Little did we know the beautiful meadow that was awaiting our arrival! 

We were racing with the sun to our last location, and the sun had set before we set up our last shots. Not to worry, because the light after sunset is beautiful, in it's own special way!

Thank you, Lydia, for a wonderful adventure! 

Carol Davis