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Desertbloom Photography offers a boutique school photography experience to select schools in the Las Vegas valley and northern nevada.

My boutique style features a modern twist on the traditional school portrait event.  I use simple backdrops or the natural elements of the outdoors for a background, both of which place focus on the child. My years of experience as an educator and child photographer help me to provide a light, relaxed atmosphere for the child, enabling me to draw out his or her personality. I capture a variety of authentic expressions and emotions, which parents love!


I hear from so many school administrators about the issues they face with school portraits:

  • Scheduling 

  • Poor Communication

  • Handling Money

  • Parent Complaints

  • Overall Poor Customer Service

And let’s not forget what the parents have to say:

*  Order forms get lost in the shuffle

*  Having to prepay for photos you may not like

*  Money getting lost 

*  Overall poor customer service 

And Here’s how I help my schools:

  • I work around the school’s schedule

  • I handle all communication with parents OR provide all email templates to the school

  • All money is handled online through my online gallery

  • I handle ALL parent questions

  • I do not look at a school as a one-year client. I look at a school as an ‘until I retire’ client and do all I can to meet your school’s needs as they change

  • I know and value the method of a child-led education and support it with a 10% donation of net sales to the school

And here’s how i help my parents:

  • I do not offer preorders, eliminating lost order forms and monies

  • parents preview images in an online gallery and choose which images they wish to purchase

  • All orders are placed online

  • I encourage parents to contact me directly with their questions

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OMGosh...what an amazing experience with this new photographer! Well done! From the on-site prepper getting the kids ready for their photos to the online galleries to the pics themselves. I just checked out my kids’ pics online and they look awesome!
I’m loving my son’s pics! Looks like professional headshots rather than just boring school photos. Thank you!”
Just a quick Thank You for the quality of pictures you took on my children for their school photos. They are truly the best pictures anyone has managed to take of them, and I hope the school continues to utilize your business for all future projects.