Fine Art School Portraits

Aren't you ready for a better school portrait?

       Desertbloom Photography offers a contemporary approach on the traditional school picture by providing timeless Fine Art School Portraits.. 

What is a Fine Art School Portrait?  A Fine Art School Portrait is an authentic and timeless photograph of your child. No forced smiles, no distracting backgrounds, just your child, being his or her self. 

What services do you provide?  I provide a streamlined portrait day event for the school.  I provide correspondence for the school to send out to families both before and after portrait day.  Parents order their packages / prints from an online gallery so the school does not have to handle the money.  I also provide a video link to show parents how the ordering process works. Each gallery will contain 3-5 images of the child, in both color and black and white. Schools choose to have prints delivered to the school to distribute or mailed directly to the parents. I answer all questions from the parents regarding portrait day and placing orders.  I provide all necessary staff and equipment on portrait day(s). The atmosphere on school portrait day is light and fun, allowing the student relax and  to be himself. I will schedule a Retake day if necessary.  I take photos of the staff as well and provide 1 free 5 x 7 of each staff member.  I provide the school with a complete gallery of high-resolution images to use for the school yearbook, advertising, and website. 

What do you charge?  I do not charge the school anything to do the Fine Art School Portraits. My portrait packages, prints, and digital files are priced competitively as I encourage my families to print their photos. I also offer items such as school I.D.s, canvas portraits, coffee mugs, key chains, etc.  I donate a minimum of 10% of my profits to the school as a donation. The school may choose to use the Fine Art School Portraits as a fundraiser event. 

How many students can you accommodate?  I have worked with schools and co-ops with as little as 12 students. I am prepared to work with schools with enrollment of up to 1200.

I am willing to work with your school to design a custom portrait day (or days) and packages for your families. I am also available to photograph weekday events throughout the year, such as pep rallies and promotion ceremonies!  

Homeschool groups -  I've been a homeschooling mom since April 2007. I work the same way with homeschool groups and donate a minimum of 10% of my profits to your group! 

Want more information - Would you like to see a price sheet with detailed packages? Would you like information on our portrait day workflow?  Do you have questions that I haven't answered here? Please contact me at the link below, email at or call me at 702-524-7635, M-F, 8-5pm.