what are modern school portraits? a modern school portrait is an authentic and timeless portrait of the child, however there are no forced smiles, no cheesy backgrounds, just genuine personality.

Do I purchase the package ahead of time? I do not offer pre-sales of portrait packages. You will be able to view the images in an online gallery and purchase only those you want to buy.

What items do you sell? I sell print packages, a la carte prints, digital downloads, canvasses, mobile galleries, and gift items. All items are purchased online.

What should my child wear? The portraits are photographed tight, capturing the shoulders and head. I discourage graphic or neon-colored clothing. the school administration chooses the background color- A flyer will be sent home prior to portrait day advising of the background color.

How long til we see the photo galleries? the online gallery will be released within 2 - 3 weeks after portrait day. purchases made during the first 7 days will include free shipping. purchases made after that will be assessed a shipping charge. Portrait collections will only be available during the initial ordering period.

your child will be given a paper to bring home with an access code on portrait day. you can register at the gallery site right away and you’ll be notified via email when the gallery is live. you may contact carol at (702) 524-7635 or for your child’s access code should the paper be lost.

Who do I contact if I have questions? contact carol at (702) 524-7365 or if you have ANY questions.