Back to School Photo Tips!

Is the rumor true?

School really starts next week? Say what?

Wasn’t it just May and the moms were preparing to have their kids home for the summer? And now, families are running around to get all the school supplies, new shoes, and haircuts?

Our (actually, just MINE) favorite tradition was taking First Day of School Photos before the kids left for school. I continued the tradition even after we started homeschooling. I think I’m not the only mom who loves to do this, and I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones who dread it.


Today, I’m sharing some great tips with you on taking First Day of School Photos!

1) Photograph your kids in the same spot every year - We took photos in front of our front door. It’s fun to see how much they grow every year!

2) Tell a story by photographing the details - a new lunch box, new shoes, decorated notebooks, or a cute hairstyle. Get their photo walking away, into the classroom. Scrapbook it all together!

3) Keep them moving! Have them run around the yard, jump up and down- get the energy out! They’ll relax and give you natural smiles and expressions.

4) Use props to document the year and the grade. Grab an inexpensive letter boards and fill in their name, year, grade. Create a sign that lists their name/grade/year, favorite foods/color/book/sports. Let the kids help create the signs. Let them hold it while you take photos!

5) Use color! If your school has a brightly-colored wall, dress your kids in contrasting AND complementary colors and take your photos there!

These are just a few tips documenting that first day of school that you can implement with your children.

I’ll follow up in a week or so with great tips for Back to School Picture Day! And don’t forget to tell your schools about our Get Schooled by Desertbloom program!