Centennial Hills Senior 2019 Session

Me - Hey Victoria, do you have any special locations in mind for your senior session?

Victoria - No, not really. What do you think?

Me - Roadtrip, mud, and water.

Victoria - YES!!!!!!!

And so it began, on a warm April afternoon, we headed out to the Las Vegas desert for Victoria’s senior session! We filled the car with flip-flops, bug spray, snacks, and camera gear.

And had a blast!

Adventure awaits!

Adventure awaits!

We had one location in mind, but decided to check out another one on the way. We ended up spending the whole session there. We hiked a bit at first, checking out the area.


Then we found the mud and water and really started having fun!

Ready to have some fun!

Ready to have some fun!

Seriously, Victoria was a champ! She was game for everything and not afraid of anything. Not the yucky

sinky-mud nor little fish swimming about.


We took a little time out of the water to explore some more.


Back to the water we went, as we were running out of time!

Victoria had this beautiful red dress, just perfect for her joyful personality! Is this not GORGEOUS!


We knew we were going to miss the desert sunset, as we had strayed down the hill too far. As we were talking about how disappointed we were, I looked up and saw this incredible sight!

For realz, it doesn’t get better than this!

For realz, it doesn’t get better than this!


Congratulations, Victoria, on your high school graduation! I’m so honored to do your senior photos for you.

I wish you all the best in your future!