Still Life Projects

A few months ago, ok.. maybe 6 or 7, I started working on a still life project called Be Still by Kim Klassem at  I haven't been able to work through it all yet, but I've been picking away at it as I can. 

The course appealed to me because I heard of it during a hectic photography season and felt the need to take some time, slow down, and be still. Being still draws me closer to God and I was ready for some of that closeness! 

I like to think I'm creative and occasionally feel pretty good about some of my finished products. I try not to compare against other creatives because then I feel like Pinterest Fail Queen.  I did like combining skills and ideas learned in a food photography class with the Be Still course. 


I have so many favorites from these photos.

I love peonies and felt the enjoyment last longer because of the play with the flower petals. I love the texture of the wood and burlap. The birch bark and green clover.  The flower petals and old wood floor.  Strawberry tartlets and powdered sugar on an antique bread bowl from France. 

Which do you like best?