Let's Just Go!

How do I relax? By heading out on an adventure in the desert, of course! 

Last Friday, my friend Jamie (jamiezanotti.com) and I headed into Lake Mead National Recreation Area to explore the Northshore Road. To access the Northshore Road, enter Lake Mead through the Lake Mead Drive through Henderson, Nv. Once you go through the park entrance, the road is just 1/4 mile down the way to the left. 

We started with a hike at the 20 mile marker, Northshore Summit Trail. Overall, it was an easy hike, but straight up hill. Our efforts were rewarded with a magical view of the park. 

Onward and up Northshore Road, we took a detour into Echo Bay. Echo Bay is one of the few areas left inside Lake Mead from where you can launch a boat. 

Although this was in essence a photographer's play date, we soon realized we had stumbled upon a phenomenal area for a photo session! We explored all the beautiful little spots and made mental lists, took photos, and began to plan a styled photo session. 

If you're a senior or teen in the Las Vegas, Henderson, or Boulder City, NV area and are interested in this peaceful location for your senior session, contact me! 

Next, we explored Rogers Spring Trail at mile marker 40. What a treasure! Rogers Spring Trail is a natural warm spring and fills a wide, shallow area suitable for wading. I'm not sure I would though, haha. 

I'd definitely add this location onto a senior session. The palm trees and bridge area perfect. 

We made it all the way into Overton and took a brief respite at the Lost City Museum (and McDonalds). If you've never been through Overton, I urge you to go explore this cute town. The Lost City Museum is full of native Indian relics and history of the area. It's worth the trip.

Back down into Lake Mead NRA, we were racing against time to be back at mile marker 20 for the sunset. We didn't quite make it, but that's okay. Sunset along any spot of Northshore Road will not disappoint. 

We first saw the light play on this spot in the desert just a little before sunset.... 

Down the road a little more and then this happened. 

All this beauty is in our own back yard. 

Would you like to have your family session or senior session right here in Lake Mead? There are so many wonderful areas I didn't touch on! 

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