Adventure at the Art District!

Kyla wanted to have her senior session down in the Las Vegas Art District.  Now the Art District encompasses a lot of real estate downtown, so I went down the day before to map out some perfect spots. 

Posing, more than photographing, in the Art District, is definitely an adventure! Lots of people are watching you. Kyla rocked it. She was a superstar and not flustered by any of the crowd!

Can you believe this is downtown Las Vegas? Such a gorgeous background for Kyla. 

This next location screams Art District! 

We moved on and hit some other great, totally fun spots!  I love the turquoise wall...

This next location was totally fun. So bright and colorful. It's near the John E. Carson Hotel!

We ended up in an alley that offered two different points of view. By this time, the sun was high in the sky and we were too hot to shoot anymore!

Congratulations on your graduation, Kyla! 

Class of 2017